This Place Doesn't Run Itself :-)

It's a good thing we have some extraordinarily talented humans that make it all work.

Ryan Ordway


Ryan Ordway is a gifted artist and producer with one goal - helping you realize your vision and artistic potential.  From song completion to production to recording and mixing, Ryan brings an extraordinary energy and music acumen earned from years of artistic and professional growth.

More about Ryan

Ryan has a catalogue of music licensed in more than a dozen countries, and across platforms including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. His songs have been featured on NBC's hit TV show "The Office" ABC's "Happy Endings", FOX’s “Raising Hope,”SYFY’s “Eureka,” Warner Brothers “Felicity,” ESPN, NESN, and Comedy Central. 

His song-writing chops landed him at the renowned Blackbird Studios in Nashville, where he was selected to record with famed producer Ken Scott (whose client list includes The Beatles, Elton John, and David Bowie). Ordway's song "Easy Street," produced by Scott, was featured in Robert Willey's Getting Started with Music Production, published by Hal Leonard in 2015. 

Ryan has been with The Studio Portland since 2020, honoring its legacy and working hard to help New England produce some of the best performances in any studio today. 



Sam McArthur


Sam McArthur is a talented producer/engineer with the sensibilities of a renaissance artist. This informs his approach to helping you elevate and achieve your musical vision. 

More about Sam

A lifelong New Englander and musical tinkerer, Sam has been hitting Record since Elementary school. From cassettes and hard disk recorders in early childhood, to FL Studio in high school, through a college degree for Audio Engineering and homegrown career as a talented Engineer-Producer, he exercises as much artistry in the technical aspects of record-making as in the music itself. Sam's holistic approach to recorded music stresses the multiplicative power of quality in each step, from the songwriting itself through to the Master, all in the name of music sounding as good and emotionally powerful as possible. 

At The Studio Portland, Sam lends his record-making expertise, extensive technical and repair skills, and selections of his own arsenal of outboard gear and microphones. 

Listen to Sam's discography and get to know his other work here: