Podcast and ADR

Podcast Production 

Elevate your podcast with the highest quality professional audio, original custom theme music, intro/outro production and other sound design, a comfortable and stylish living room setting, livestream and remote guest capabilities, and cinema quality film options for video podcasts and/or creating great marketing reels and other content to grow your audience. 

New to the podcasting world and looking for something more streamlined for a smaller budget without recording in your closet? Ask about affordable options to work with our capable team of audio production and engineering students as you launch your podcasting journey. 

ADR/VO Services 

The Studio Portland offers a legacy of ADR and Voice Over Services for Film, TV, and Audio Books. Our best known work includes post production for the viral TV show, “Schitt’s Creek”! 

Our most recent client list includes PRX Radio Hour’s “The Moth,” WBEZ Chicago’s “This American Life,” Lucas Films, Penguin Random House Audio Division (Including 3 NY Times bestselling books), Starz Network, HBO Productions, and more. Please note that we do not use Source Connect, however we offer other great options for high fidelity audio sharing with remote production teams, including the Pro Tools Zoom Bridge. With over 90 mics in our locker, we are able to accommodate mic matching for post production. Film options to capture footage of voice talent are available for animated projects or other film needs. We offer corporate “NET 30” invoice rates and indie self-pay rates for independent films and documentaries. 


Film Options 

Seven Black Magic Cinema Cameras installed throughout the studio enable multi-angle, documentary style filming of recording sessions, video auditions, podcasts, music videos, live performances and more.  We can provide you with raw footage or packages that include fully produced video footage, social media cut-downs, and more. 

For our rate cards and more information, please contact us.