Audio Production Training and Artist Development Programming for Adults and High-School Students 


Who Is This For?  


  • Adults of all ages seeking vocational-style professional development working on real projects in a commercial recording studio
  • Anyone who studied in an audio production program but still needs hands-on experience 
  • Artists/Producers who have home studios and want to hone their skills and up their game


  • High School students who are considering a career in audio production/recording arts 
  • Students who enjoy on-the job/vocational-style training
  • Students who want to build their resumes logging hours in a commercial recording studio 

  Our Curriculum:  

The Recording Club at The Studio Portland offers students practical experience recording and mixing in an acoustically tuned environment that allows for accurate production techniques. At the end of our programs, students will receive a certificate from The Recording Club, documenting their hours in the studio and experience with: 

Studio Orientation 
Ear Training and Acoustics 
Analog Recording Console Management (API 2448) 
Patch Bay Management with Analog Hardware Processing 
Pro-Tools HD
Full Band Tracking & Pre-Production 
Drum Production 
Drum Editing & Tempo Mapping 
Electric Guitar 
Amp Simulation & In The Box Processing 
Acoustic Guitar 
Pianos / Keys 
String Ensemble 
Horns & Woodwinds 
Vocal Production 
Vocal Processing 
Sound Design Basics 
Sound Replacement and Sample Design 
Virtual Instrument Production 
Midi Production 
Full Band Setup 
Full Band Tracking 
Band Editing 
Mixing (EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay & Effects)