Ryan Ordway (Producer/Engineer/Songwriter)

Producer Ryan Ordway, has a catalogue of music licensed in over 13 countries, and across platforms including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. His songs have been featured on NBC's hit TV show "The Office" ABC's "Happy Endings", FOX’s “Raising Hope,”SYFY’s “Eureka,” Warner Brothers “Felicity,” ESPN, NESN, and Comedy Central. 

His song-writing chops landed him at the renown Blackbird Studios in Nashville, where he was selected to record with famed producer Ken Scott (whose client list includes The Beatles, Elton John, and David Bowie). Ordway's song "Easy Street," produced by Scott, was featured in Robert Willey's Getting Started with Music Production, published by Hal Leonard in 2015. 

In September 2020, Ordway joined forces with The Studio Portland Maine. Installing his API 1608 analogue recording console in this stately and historical recording facility, and integrating his Protools HD system and other gear, has spawned a perfect union with the Studio's heavy arsenal of outboard gear and microphones--and its original legacy as the go-to room in Portland, Maine. Ordway's offerings at The Studio include: music production/mixing/engineering; video/podcast production; gear reviews/music industry promotion; and sound design for film, TV, and commercial use. 


Check out Ordway's discography/videography www.ryanordway.com.

Joe Goodwin (Mastering Engineer)

"Joseph Goodwin began audio engineering in 2007 at Capricorn Studios in San Diego, California . After leaving California in 2014, Bellwether Mastering was created to continue helping musicians and producers craft their music to the highest levels. 

In addition to Joseph's background as a pro audio mastering engineer and musician, he is a visual artist; creating interactive objects and experiences through sculpture and digital technologies."