TSP Summer Camp Sessions 2021...

Hands-on Audio Production Training in a Professional Recording Studio - No Fetching Coffee Required!  


We offer programs for  

 Students Grades 8-12 who are interested in a future career in audio production or other aspects of the music industry. Great for budding musicians or music lovers!  

Adult musicians/home recording enthusiasts who want to up their production game  

Our programs 

The Studio Portland offers students practical experience recording and mixing in an acoustically tuned environment that allows for accurate production techniques. Students will learn and practice:  

The Fundamentals of Audio 
Ear Training  
Studio Etiquette 
Artist/Client Relations  
API 1608 Recording Console Operation 
Recording and Mixing a Band  
Signal Flow and Management of an Analog Patchbay  
Pro Tools Hybrid Operation (Digital and Analog)  
Microphone techniques (Selection and Placement)

How is this different from other audio production courses being offered?  

This is not a laptop course. We are hands-on, pushing faders and preparing to record artists from the moment our students walk through the door. Students who complete our courses will have experience in pre-production, recording set-up, tracking, mixing, and basic mastering. We will be offering a progression of courses that take motivated students from introductory level all the way to proficiency in the professional environment.   

"If you can't hear it, you can't fix it."  

Our programs center around one of the most key aspects of production excellence: ear training. Training your ear and learning about the dynamics of sound is what builds mastery of your craft. There is no better or faster way to develop your ear than by working with a band in an acoustically tuned room, like The Studio Portland. 



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